I started translating Dugin as an undergraduate in philosophy.

Here’s a list of what I’ve done.

2019: Foundations of Ethnosociology (forthcoming, London: Arktos)

2019: Political Platonism (forthcoming, London: Arktos)

2019: Theory of a Multipolar World (forthcoming, London: Arktos)

2018: Ethnos and Society (London: Arktos, 2018)

2017: The Rise of The Fourth Political Theory (London: Arktos, 2017)

2017: “Plural Anthropology- The Fundamental-Ontological Analysis of Peoples” in Heidegger in Russia and Eastern Europe, ed. Jeff Love, (Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield)

2015: The Last War of the World-Island: Geopolitics of Contemporary Russia (London: Arktos, 2015)

2014: “The Fourth Estate: The History and Meaning of the Middle Class”

2014: “Interview with Vladimir Posner on Russia’s Channel One TV”

2012: The Fourth Political Theory (London: Arktos, 2012); chapters 6-9

And a 2014 TVO interview I did based on my translations and research: