The Fourth Political Theory Reading Group

Millerman PRO presents: The Fourth Political Theory Reading Group!

Are you interested in Alexander Dugin’s The Fourth Political Theory? I am offering an online course and reading group dedicated to studying it with you.

The course features:

  • 12 weekly sessions starting June 17th
  • Video recordings if you can’t make a live session
  • Analysis, interpretation, discussion, Q and A
  • Reference to other writings by Dugin (including untranslated texts)
  • The most comprehensive overview of The Fourth Political Theory in the world


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A few spaces might open up depending on how many people attend the video sessions live, so check in here from time to time for updates.

The course costs $49 and begins June 17th. Feel free to email me for more information at

Beginning with Heidegger: Dissertation Defence


In August, I successfully defended my dissertation, called Beginning with Heidegger: Leo Strauss, Richard Rorty, Jacques Derrida, Alexander Dugin and the Philosophical Constitution of the Political.

If you’d like, you can read the comments I made at the defence here.

The response aims (1) to better define the notion of the philosophical constitution of the political and (2) to show that the notion is applicable to the authors in my study.

There’s also a section on two risks that arise in studying Heidegger, the risk of being seduced by his philosophy into support for his politics, and the risk of rejecting his philosophy out of over-zealous defence of liberalism.

Lastly, the response talks a bit about the notion of conversion and its place in my reading of the Heidegger receptions. I had planned to make conversion the topic of my next book.

The dissertation is available online for students (search my name on your university library website). It will be published as a book in about a year. Meantime, some of my Millerman Talks videos will be on Heidegger and Political Theory, if you want a preview.

Right Heideggerianism and Jewish Thought

At the University of Toronto, I did a PhD in Political Science. My two subfields were political theory and international relations. But I also did a collaborative degree in Jewish Studies. As part of my degree requirements, I had to give a talk at the Center for Jewish Studies. Controversially, I decided to speak on the relevance of Heidegger to Jewish thought. In particular, I wanted to highlight “Right Heideggerianism” as an understudied philosophical resource.

Because Alexander Dugin is the leading “Right Heideggerian” as defined in the talk, I argued that we should consider the experimental application of his Fourth Political Theory to Zionism. If you’d like to hear the argument in more detail, watch the video below and then read this article: