Leo Strauss and Straussian Witchcraft

Back in grad school I was a big fan of Leo Strauss. His books are a welcome gateway drug into classical political philosophy. He was also a great teacher. Generations of his students, following in what they see as his footsteps, have produced their own good works: studies, commentaries, and translations of important writings.

But some followers of Leo Strauss give the impression that they are parroting his dogmatic statements, rather than thinking them through. My latest publication is a lighthearted reflection on that tendency of a subset of Straussians to hypnotize themselves with Strauss’s mantras. It’s also a reflection on the relationship between moderation and philosophy.

You might also enjoy watching this video on Strauss’s essay called “German Nihilism” or browse the writings on his thought available here.

Millerman Talks Episode 11 – (Leo Strauss on) German Nihilism

Leo Strauss's essay German Nihilism

I made a video walk-through of Leo Strauss’s lecture on German Nihilism. Strauss touches on many points that matter today:

  • What is the responsibility of educators to nihilistic students?
  • What errors do the opponents of the nihilists make?
  • What is nihilism, anyway?
  • What is its relation to civilization?
  • Why is it militaristic?
  • Is German nihilism just Nazism?

Strauss’s essay helps us answer all those questions and more. In my video, I also show how his arguments relate to Trumpism, the open society, and more.

Hopefully, my explanation will make the essay itself more easily accessible for those with an interest in such topics.

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Strauss’s essay: https://bit.ly/2DZoNAF

More research on Strauss and others (Heidegger, Dugin, etc.).