Being and Time (August 2020)

Register for the upcoming Millerman PRO Academy introduction to Martin Heidegger’s classic book:

Being and Time.

Dates: August 13, 20, 27 and September 3

Time: 6:00-7:00pm (+optional 30 minutes)

We’re using the Stambaugh/Schmidt translation, available here.

We will meet weekly for four weeks. The meetings run from 60-90 minutes by Zoom.

Topics we will cover include the following:

  • Reopening the question of the meaning of being
  • Methodological access to the meaning of being
  • What is phenomenology
  • The existential analytic of Dasein
  • Being-in-the-world
  • Everydayness and inauthenticity
  • Idle talk, curiosity, ambiguity
  • Das Man (the they)
  • Care as the being of Dasein
  • Anxiety
  • Attunement, understanding, discourse
  • Being-towards-death
  • Being-guilty
  • Anticipatory resoluteness
  • History and historicity
  • And more!

The only required text is the book. You can participate in the seminar without it, but I recommend purchasing a copy for your own use and to follow along.

You will finish this seminar with a strong foundation in the the main themes of Being and Time, opening the door to the many fields of study that Heidegger influenced.

Registration is limited to six participants!