I’ve made some Canadian britpop with my friend Alex under the name Road of Trees. You can listen to our one release here.

Here’s what reviewers had to say:

Groups such as Oasis and the Verve heavily influenced the Canadian duo of Michael Millerman and Alex White in their early years and it shows. “Again Now” is the best example. Millerman and White’s echoing voices hypnotize you while you float on a reverberating sea of organ and guitar. However the following two tracks sound more similar to something you would hear from inside a church. The slow, drawn out vibe on “Angel” makes you want to close your eyes, and sway back and forth while the Holy Spirit consumes you.

Time for some 90’s influenced pop music! Canadian duo Road of Trees, consisting of Michael Millerman and Alex White, have just unveiled their brand new single Faith. The song has awesome guitar lines and bittersweet lyrics. The guys are heavily influenced by groups such as Oasis and The Verve and you can see that 90’s Britpop influence in this song combined with elements of dreampop, indie rock and shoegaze.

…Again Now is full melody-driven guitar playing and vocals that seem to float over the instruments, soaring upwards, to give you a bit of an escape in just under 4 minutes. Again Now is fluid, and it is flawless, and it is something you need to be listening to.

Michael Millerman (Toronto) and Alex White (Windsor) makes up ROAD OF TREES. And the rock duo are compelling, seductive, and as interesting as they come. And we say this as we have very limited knowledge of the project. Doesn’t really matter. Because when you combine aesthetics of the Verve and Oasis, and beautifully frame ‘Angel’ with classic melodies, we have a definite sonic indulgence. The duo calls their style, ‘Canadian-Britpop’. We just call it ‘fantastic’.

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