“How Far-Left Universities Create Far-Right Students”

Have you ever wondered why right-wing thinkers get almost no coverage at universities, while left-wing thinkers do and sometimes even dominate the conversation? Here’s a video on that issue, produced by George Hutcheson / Students for Western Civilisation. The main idea is that excessively far-left leaning universities, departments, and professors can make normal, moderate students into far-right students.

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Dissertation Writing Tips: How to Finish Ahead of Schedule

A stack of books with a pad open, obviously indicating that someone is following my dissertation writing tips!

Are you a graduate student trying to write a dissertation? Here are some dissertation writing tips and tricks for finishing on time without frustration. You can use some of these ideas no matter what you’re writing. Feel free to comment below about your situation if you want any specific suggestions not on this list.

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Millerman Talks Podcast: Now on Soundcloud

A few people asked me to make my videos into an audio-only Millerman Talks podcast.

I’ve done that, and it’s now available on Soundcloud.

Here is a list of the episodes:

Episode 17: (Alexander Dugin, Steven Bannon, And The New Middle Ages

Episode 16 (Olavo de Carvalho vs Alexander Dugin) Part 3/3

Episode 16 (Olavo de Carvalho vs. Alexander Dugin) Part 1/3

Episode 16 (Olavo de Carvalho vs. Alexander Dugin) Part 2/3

Episode 15 (Martin Heidegger and Political Theory

Episode 14 (Ronald Beiner and Alexander Dugin)

Episode 13 (Trump And The West)

Episode 12 (Leo Strauss, Neoconservatism, and Noble Lies)

Episode 11 (German Nihilism)

Millerman TalksEpisode 10 (Plato’s Cave)

Millerman TalksEpisode 9 (Zionism and the Fourth Political Theory)

Episode 8 (Inquiry and Moderation)

Episode 7 (Us vs. Them: Thoughts on Fascism)

Millerman TalksEpisode 6 (Zionism, Classical Liberals, Fascists, Owen Benjamin, Dave Rubin…)

Episode 5 (Conversation with Lola)

Episode 4 (Plato, Xenophobia, Immigration, the Far Right, Open Borders, and more)

Episode 3 (The Alt-Right and the Classics, Marcus Aurelius, Steve Bannon)

Episode 2 (Right-wing anti-liberalism, Dugin, Heidegger, and more)

Episode 1 (National Post Article, University of Toronto, Dugin)

BONUS: Intellectual Explorers Club Presents Michael Millerman: Sandboxing Dangerous Ideas

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Beginning with Heidegger: Dissertation Defence


In August, I successfully defended my dissertation, called Beginning with Heidegger: Leo Strauss, Richard Rorty, Jacques Derrida, Alexander Dugin and the Philosophical Constitution of the Political.

If you’d like, you can read the comments I made at the defence here.

The response aims (1) to better define the notion of the philosophical constitution of the political and (2) to show that the notion is applicable to the authors in my study.

There’s also a section on two risks that arise in studying Heidegger, the risk of being seduced by his philosophy into support for his politics, and the risk of rejecting his philosophy out of over-zealous defence of liberalism.

Lastly, the response talks a bit about the notion of conversion and its place in my reading of the Heidegger receptions. I had planned to make conversion the topic of my next book.

The dissertation is available online for students (search my name on your university library website). It will be published as a book in about a year. Meantime, some of my Millerman Talks videos will be on Heidegger and Political Theory, if you want a preview.

Millerman Talks Episode 11 – (Leo Strauss on) German Nihilism

Leo Strauss's essay German Nihilism

I made a video walk-through of Leo Strauss’s lecture on German Nihilism. Strauss touches on many points that matter today:

  • What is the responsibility of educators to nihilistic students?
  • What errors do the opponents of the nihilists make?
  • What is nihilism, anyway?
  • What is its relation to civilization?
  • Why is it militaristic?
  • Is German nihilism just Nazism?

Strauss’s essay helps us answer all those questions and more. In my video, I also show how his arguments relate to Trumpism, the open society, and more.

Hopefully, my explanation will make the essay itself more easily accessible for those with an interest in such topics.

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Strauss’s essay: https://bit.ly/2DZoNAF

More research on Strauss and others (Heidegger, Dugin, etc.).