Looking for some bespoke learning opportunities in the field of political philosophy? I offer courses on Leo Strauss, Martin Heidegger, Alexander Dugin and others at Millerman School.

My goal is to ensure that you find the courses valuable, whether you’re new to the topic or an expert in it.

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Course Reviews:

“This course is the future of education as well as its deep past. A master teaches a group of self selecting students who come only to learn and not for course credits.”

“Millerman has a natural gift for explaining complex textual passages and ideas, a natural teacher if you will. He responds timely and thoroughly to questions.”

“Michael’s education and charisma can make a Philosopher accessible what at face value would seem pedantic, drawing timeless and modern examples that root or exemplify what would seem some amorphous and inconsequential strand of Thought.”

“Millerman provides a deeply erudite discussion that is accessible and beneficial to readers of all levels, from those professionally or academically adept in politics and philosophy to the superficially curious who haven’t read the book and are unfamiliar with the concepts. Most importantly, he presents a graceful foray into topics that are highly relevant and timely vis-à-vis the state of our geopolitical world yet ignored by mainstream academic institutions.”