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Michael’s enthusiasm for the real-world import of philosophy is immediately palpable, and his command of a wide-range of material, and fluency expressing it, is rare. I reached out with some frustrations about Heidegger, and Michael immediately offered to sit down and talk them through with me — for an hour! He empathized with where I was coming from, and patiently walked me through how he thinks about it, including a number of analogies that really clarified things. Throughout, his love for the questions involved was apparent and infectious, and I left both less confused and more interested in a subject that I had found quite frustrating just before. An absolutely excellent teacher!


 Philosophy can be defined as the love of wisdom, in order to love something you must give it your all, after learning from Michael Millerman I’m convinced has given his all to learn understand and share the knowledge he has learned, while limiting the opine nature of philosophy in his presentation. 
     I would highly recommend taking advantage of any opportunity to learn from Michael Millerman, and would not be surprised to find out that you like me ended with a new perception of not only philosophy but of how to view life. What you do with that new perception is up to you. 


Michael has an extraordinary ability to understand complex literature and apply it into meaningful and easy to understand concepts. He is quick and a logical thinker, but also quite personable, and he creates a positive experience for all types of learners.

Lesley Fox, Executive Director for The Fur-Bearers (LinkedIn)

Course Testimonials (The Philosophy of Leo Strauss)

“High quality content and interesting”

“Michael Millerman is great. Very smart, very clear, extremely enthusiastic, and with a really impressive ability to answer almost any question.”

“Michael is a fantastic teacher and we’ve had great conversations in the break-out groups.”

“Favorite thing: Michael’s lectures and knowledge of the material. Superb.”

“The real highlight of the classes is Michael.  His clarity of thought makes the classes a breath of fresh air.”

Course Testimonials (Alexander Dugin’s Noomakhia)

Student evaluations (University of Toronto, Teaching Assistant):







2013-2014: 4.61/5.00
2014-2015: 4.65/5.00
2015-2016: 4.67/5.00
2016-2017: 4.68/5.00
2016-2017: 4.54/5.00
2017-2018: 4.50/5.00