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Ph.D., Political Science, (2013-2018)
M.A., Political Science, University of Toronto (2013)
B.A., Philosophy, University of British Columbia (2012)

Field One: Political Theory
Field Two: International Relations
Collaborative Degree: Jewish Studies

Areas of Interest: Foundations of political theory, political philosophy, continental political philosophy

Dissertation: Beginning with Heidegger: Strauss, Rorty, Derrida, Dugin and the Philosophical Constitution of the Political


Refereed Journal Articles:

2019: “Straussian Witchcraft and the Need for Devils’ Advocates,” Humanitas Vol. 31. Nos. 1-2.

2018: “Alexander Dugin’s Heideggerianism,” International Journal of Political Theory Vol. 3. No. 1.

2015: “On ‘The Literary Character of the Guide for the Perplexed’: Aporia and Euporia,” Interpretation Journal of Political Philosophy Vol. 42. No. 1

Non-Refereed Journal Articles:

2014: “Heidegger, Left and Right: Differential Political Ontology and Fundamental Political Ontology Compared,” Journal of Eurasian Affairs, No. 1, Vol. 2
2014: “Herodotus on Oracles, Dreams, and Gods,” Aristokratia, No. 1, Vol. 3

Translations (of Alexander Dugin):

2018: Ethnos and Society (London: Arktos)
2018: Ethnosociology: The Foundations (forthcoming, London: Arktos)
2017: Rise of The Fourth Political Theory (London: Arktos)
2017: “Plural Anthropology – The Fundamental-Ontological Analysis of Peoples,” in Heidegger in Russia and Eastern Europe, ed. Jeff Love, (Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield)
2017: Theory of a Multipolar World (forthcoming, London: Arktos)
2015: The Last War of the World-Island: Geopolitics of Contemporary Russia (London: Arktos)
2014: “The Fourth Estate: The History and Meaning of the Middle Class”
2014: “Interview with Vladimir Posner on Russia’s Channel One TV”
2012: The Fourth Political Theory (London: Arktos); chapters 6-9

Web-based Publications:

2015: “Theory Talk #71: John M. Hobson on Eurocentrism, Historical Sociology, and the Curious Case of Postcolonialism”,
2014: “Theory Talk #66: Alexander Dugin on Eurasianism, the Geopolitics of Land and Sea, and a Russian Theory of Multipolarity,”
2014: “Carl Schmitt: The Fundamental Meanings of Nomos,” TelosSCOPE
2014: “Carl Schmitt in the Twenty-First Century,” TelosSCOPE
2013: “Secularism, Fundamentalism and Culture,” TelosSCOPE
2013: “The Historiography of America’s Founding: Lockean Liberalism versus Republicanism,” TelosSCOPE

Book Reviews:

2017: Abulof, Uriel. 2015. The Mortality and Morality of Nations. Nations and Nationalism 23.3
2017: Parens, Joshua. 2016. Leo Strauss and the Rediscovery of Medieval Philosophy. Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies 35.2
2016: The Failure of the Two-State Solution: The Prospects of One State in the Israel-Palestine Conflict. Edited by Hani Faris. 2013. Nations and Nationalism 22.2
2015: Rozman, Gilbert. 2014. The Sino-Russian Challenge to the World Order: National Identities, Bilateral Relations, and East versus West in the 2010s. Nations and Nationalism 21.4
2014: Chowers, Eyal. 2012. Political Philosophy of Zionism: Trading Jewish Words for a Hebraic Land Nations and Nationalism 20.4

Manuscripts Accepted

2018: “The Ethnosociological and Existential Dimensions of Alexander Dugin’s Populism” Telos (2019)

Scholarships and Honors

2015-2018: Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship
2014: Granovsky-Gluskin Graduate Scholarship
2014: OGS – Ontario Graduate Scholarship
2011: University of British Columbia Trek Excellence Scholarship
2011: James Ruggles Macdonell Memorial Scholarship
2011: Chui Yin Lai Memorial Scholarship
2004: University of Winnipeg Student of Highest Distinction

Conference Papers

2015: “The Moscow School of International Relations: What it is and Why it Matters,” International Studies Association, New Orleans
2015: “Cohen’s Ontology and Heidegger’s Destruktion: The Implications for the Religion of Reason,” Association for Jewish Studies, Boston
2015: “Zionism and the Fourth Political Theory,” Tikvah American Judaism Workshop
2014: “Jewish, Territorial, and Democratic: Problematizing an Analytic Commonplace,” Toronto Group Legal Conference on Conflicting Legal Orders, Toronto

Departmental Talks

2016: “Beginning with Heidegger,” Political Theory Workshop

Research Experience

2017: Research Assistant for Seva Gunitsky

Service to Profession

2015-16: Associate Editor, Theory-Talks.Org Online International Relations Journal
2013-2015: Associate Editor, University of Toronto Journal of Jewish Thought

Extra Training

2015: Participant in “Liberalism, Conservatism, and the Jews,” Tikvah American Judaism Workshop
2014: Participant in “Is Judaism a Religion?” Tikvah Advanced Institute

Teaching Assistantships

2016-2017: POL101: Democracy, Dictatorship, War, and Peace
2016-2017: POL113: Ideas and Ideologies
2015-2016: POL320: Modern Political Theory
2013-2015: POL101: Democracy, Dictatorship, War, and Peace

Student evaluations:

2013-2014: 4.61/5.00
2014-2015: 4.65/5.00
2015-2016: 4.67/5.00
2016-2017: 4.54/5.00
2016-2017: 4.68/5.00


2017: Commentator, Russkii Otvet, Tsargrad TV, Jan 30
2015: “Russia has renewed its propaganda war by attacking liberal democratic values,” National Post Full Comment Sept. 4
2014: “Who is Alexander Dugin?” The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO Television, Dec. 4
2014: Interview. Ottawa Citizen, Dec. 22