Michael Millerman

I’m a financial services copywriter.

(Here’s my portfolio so far).

But you probably know me from my research on Alexander Dugin, “Putin’s Brain.”

Or maybe I was your TA or tutor.

Or you’ve watched one of my Millerman Talks lectures.

For the last ten years I’ve been in academia, sharing my love of philosophy and political science with students and faculty at the University of British Columbia and then the University of Toronto.

I got a bit of a bad rap for my work on a controversial thinker and so left academia for corporate life after graduation.

You’re welcome to email me if you’re looking for:

    • a copywriter / copyeditor / content developer
    • a philosophy or political science tutor
    • a political theorist
    • an expert on Alexander Dugin
    • or for any other reason

Follow me on Twitter at @M_Millerman.