New Dugin Translation Project

It’s been a while since I have translated a book by Alexander Dugin. The last project I did was a series of essays from, to be published by Arktos under the title Political Platonism. But in recent conversations with smart political philosophers, Dugin’s second Heidegger book, Martin Heidegger: The Possibility of Russian Philosophy keeps coming up, leaving me with a strong urge to get to work on making it available in English.

I’ve read it and referred to it in my dissertation, a comparative study of Heidegger receptions, as well as in some other essays on Dugin. It is an important book for understanding his Heideggerianism, as I am always obliged to explain. For it is in this book that he develops the thesis of the existential multiplicity of Daseins through an analytic of Russian Dasein.

The book has much else to recommend it. So I’ve decided to translate it!

If you’d like a sneak peek, you can peruse my essay “Alexander Dugin’s Heideggerianism,” in which this book is one of my main primary sources. It’ll take some time to complete the 400+ pages, and some more time on the publisher’s end for editing, cover design, and publication, but you can rest assured that this volume will be available to read in English before too long. And along the way, I might very well make some Millerman Talks videos on this or that element of the argument, so be sure to follow my channel on Youtube.

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