“How Far-Left Universities Create Far-Right Students”

Have you ever wondered why right-wing thinkers get almost no coverage at universities, while left-wing thinkers do and sometimes even dominate the conversation? Here’s a video on that issue, produced by George Hutcheson / Students for Western Civilisation. The main idea is that excessively far-left leaning universities, departments, and professors can make normal, moderate students into far-right students.

George interviewed me for the video, because when I was still in graduate school, I was one of very few students openly defending the need to study right-wing anti-liberalism without the usual liberal biases. Most faculty members were not on board, as this National Post article explains. But in their opposition, many of them proved the basic points about the intellectual limits of liberal (or any other) dogmatism.

I should say that the most supportive professor I had at the University of Toronto was herself left of liberal, while the most intolerant and misguided ones I met were liberals, rather than far-leftists. Nevertheless, the general point that far-left ideologue insanity has the potential make far-right students out of moderate ones is plausible.

The point is made well in this video. Watch, like, share, follow, and enjoy.

(To be clear, when I talk about far-right students I definitely do not mean students who commit hate crimes, but students who are intellectually attracted to the writings of non-leftist criticisms of liberalism. I’m not talking about the vulgar, thuggish right, but about the intellectual one).

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