Millerman Talks Podcast: Now on Soundcloud

A few people asked me to make my videos into an audio-only Millerman Talks podcast.

I’ve done that, and it’s now available on Soundcloud.

Here is a list of the episodes:

Episode 17: (Alexander Dugin, Steven Bannon, And The New Middle Ages

Episode 16 (Olavo de Carvalho vs Alexander Dugin) Part 3/3

Episode 16 (Olavo de Carvalho vs. Alexander Dugin) Part 1/3

Episode 16 (Olavo de Carvalho vs. Alexander Dugin) Part 2/3

Episode 15 (Martin Heidegger and Political Theory

Episode 14 (Ronald Beiner and Alexander Dugin)

Episode 13 (Trump And The West)

Episode 12 (Leo Strauss, Neoconservatism, and Noble Lies)

Episode 11 (German Nihilism)

Millerman TalksEpisode 10 (Plato’s Cave)

Millerman TalksEpisode 9 (Zionism and the Fourth Political Theory)

Episode 8 (Inquiry and Moderation)

Episode 7 (Us vs. Them: Thoughts on Fascism)

Millerman TalksEpisode 6 (Zionism, Classical Liberals, Fascists, Owen Benjamin, Dave Rubin…)

Episode 5 (Conversation with Lola)

Episode 4 (Plato, Xenophobia, Immigration, the Far Right, Open Borders, and more)

Episode 3 (The Alt-Right and the Classics, Marcus Aurelius, Steve Bannon)

Episode 2 (Right-wing anti-liberalism, Dugin, Heidegger, and more)

Episode 1 (National Post Article, University of Toronto, Dugin)

BONUS: Intellectual Explorers Club Presents Michael Millerman: Sandboxing Dangerous Ideas

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