“Ethnos and Society” now available

My translation of Alexander Dugin’s Ethnosociology is now available in English as Ethnos and Society.

To see some other translations I’ve done, click here. I have one more Dugin translation coming out before too long, a collection of essays under the name Political Platonism. While I might translate more Dugin, I also want to start translating some other Russian philosophers, like Sergey Horujy and A. Prokhanov. I’ll make my updates here when new projects are completed or begun.

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  1. Glad to see that Ethnos and Society is out. I’ve been following Dugin’s thought since the Arctogaia days in the early 2000’s. I previously got his books from amazon.com and a few French editions from amazon.fr where his name is spelled “Douguine.”

    Do you know what has happened to Douguine’s books in the past few weeks? Hard copies of all his books (Arktos as well as the one from Washington Summit) have disappeared from amazon.com as though they never existed, i. e. not with the usual “temporarily out of stock” notice. Searching through Google listings produces dog pictures from Amazon. What was apparently a new printing of the French editions (out of print since the breaking of the Ukrainian crisis) were available for a few days and then disappeared.

    Similar results for amazon.ca although the books are available from amazon.uk. I am going to have to get my copy of Ethnos and Society through Barnes & Noble where it is still available. I can’t find any discussion of this phenomenon online and don’t want to jump to hasty conclusions.

    Best wishes on this and further efforts. I have the Heidegger and Eastern Europe book but have only gotten through the first three or so articles.

    Ken Gallagher

  2. Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the best wishes.

    You are right that his books are no longer on Amazon. I don’t know the official reason, just the fact. You can always get the books from the publisher and from a handful of other sites.

    All the best,

    Michael M.

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