New: Millerman PRO Online Courses / Reading Groups.

New course just completed: DUGIN SEMINAR on Noomakhia (Wars of the Intellect).

We focused on the philosophical and methodological dimension of Dugin’s voluminous analysis of civilizational multipolarity. Topics covered during the four 90-minute sessions included:

  • From The Fourth Political Theory to Noomakhia
  • What is Noomakhia?
  • Becoming Platonists / Philosophy Empathy
  • Nous, Mythos, and Logos
  • The Three Logoi (Apollo, Dionysus, Cybele)
  • Geosophy and the plurality of Daseins (Heidegger)
  • 20 points about the philosophy of the Black Logos
  • Discussion / Q and A
  • And more!

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You can also purchase access to the recordings of the reading group on Dugin’s book The Fourth Political Theory. It’s the deepest dive into The Fourth Political Theory available anywhere.

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More courses coming soon.


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